Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Avoid Typing .COM for Any Web Site on Your iPhone [Video]


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via Lifehacker by Adam Dachis on 6/28/11

You probably know that your iPhone has a .com button for quick domain extension typing, but did you know you don't even have to use it? If you want to go to a .com web site, all you need to do is type its name.

When you're in Safari's address bar, don't bother typing www. or .com. Just type what goes in the middle. For example, if you wanted to go to www.lifehacker.com, just type lifehacker and Safari will do the rest for you. (Check out the video above for a demonstration.) This won't work for domains with other extensions, but since most of the sites you visit probably use .com this can save you quite a bit of typing.

Avoid Typing .COM for Any Web Site on Your iPhoneShortcut of the Day highlights a great shortcut on various platforms from the desktop to mobile devices to the web. You can find more shortcuts here.

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