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12+ Sites Every Kindle Owner Should Really Know About


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kindle web sitesSeeing how Amazon is probably launching their new reader/tablet device in the next couple of months and recently produced their ingenious Cloud Reader, the Kindle is a hot topic for a lot of people. Even after a multitude of other tablets have surfaced after its birth, the Kindle remains a great e-book reader gadget and of course, still packs a lot of potential for reading enthusiasts. Don't believe me? Just take a look at the number of blogs, services and tools dedicated to squeezing the most out of your Kindle, a bunch of which we will list up next.

First, for those that have recently acquired their new Kindle, a good starting point would be this article on how to download e-books from Amazon to your PC (or this one if you own a Mac).

kindle web sites

Next, you can browse Amazon's Free eBook collection, Project Gutenberg (one of the ultimate public domain e-book libraries), the Internet Archive, and the other sites where you can find great Kindle books in the Classics category, though you may occasionally find contemporary free works as well.

Public domain books are well and dandy but if you fancy some other types of books, including modern literature and works, the following are a few noteworthy websites that are serve up daily doses of free or very cheap e-books.

Sites With Free Or Heavily Discounted e-Books

I find that the following sites may offer you the same free e-books and offers occasionally, but sometimes they find different books available for free so it'd probably be wise to check all of them regularly.


kindle sites

The link above leads to the results of a specific Amazon keyword search; it skips samplers, paid books, public domain or classic works, etc. This link is a goodie gathered by the good people at Pixel of Ink, which we discuss up next.

Pixel Of Ink

kindle sites

Pixel of Ink is an extremely popular website that's updated several times a day with free or cheap e-books. It's probably one of the blogs you definitely want to keep an eye on since it's a rich source of Kindle (and Nook!) steals and bargains. The website is easy to navigate on your computer as it allows you to browse books by genre and tag.

You can also subscribe to their daily email newsletter that lists the most recent free and bargain e-books, or check out their sister site, Inspired Reads that lists affordable Christian reads for the Kindle.


kindle sites

This site does a few more things than other e-book bargain hunting sites. It actually provides price drop email alerts, has a Kindle-optimized web site, lets you know when your favorite books will be available on the Kindle AND it offers international support, which should make a lot of our readers happy. Their Kindle book search function can take a lot of parameters so users that have specific search criteria will likely find the advanced book search very helpful.

Books On The Knob

free kindle sites

This site has provided free/discounted e-book finds, occasional special offers, and deals for games and music on the Kindle (and to a lesser degree, Nook, Kobo and other readers ) on a daily basis since 2008.

There are many other blogs that update frequently with free e-books or great e-book deals - the Frugal eReader, Free (& Cheap) Reads, RandomizeMEKindle World, Kindle Nation Daily, I Love My Kindle, Free Ebook Deal, and Daily Cheap Reads. And since we're on the topic of saving money on e-books, don't forget you can compare e-book prices in the Kindle, Nook and iBook book stores with

Ways To Send Long Articles To Your Kindle

If you'd like to see how you can read long-form articles from your favorite blogs on your Kindle, there are several options. You can use the feed aggregator service KindleFeeder, which delivers 12 of your selected blogs in Kindle-friendly views straight to your device if you have the free, non-premium service.

free kindle sites

You can also wirelessly get a selection of weekly articles hand-picked by DeliveReads.

To send articles to read later from your computer to your Kindle, you can use the Kindlebility bookmarklet to prepare and send yourself a Kindle-friendly view of an article, SendToReader if you own at least a Wi-Fi Kindle 3 model, or the popular Instapaper and Read It Later.

Lending Clubs

You can enable lending on your Kindle with the tips detailed in this post, but you'll possibly encounter more book choices if you join a lending club, such as the Kindle Lending Club or Lendle.

free kindle sites

Podcast: The Kindle Chronicles


This weekly podcast discusses all things Kindle: news, interviews (with, for instance, the Kindle VP) tech tips, Amazon announcements, e-book deals, etc. A few interesting topics include how to publish your own e-books, and upcoming Amazon changes, like the Kindle Textbook Rental program.


To-Do List: KindleToDo

The Kindle was never meant to replace your smartphone or agenda, but if you need to quickly scribble down some notes or a few to-do's, there's a website that makes this simple.


KindleToDo is a minimalistic website aimed at Kindle users that want to either create a simple to-do list, note or glance at a monthly calendar. The site will automatically save and load your to-do list or note on your next visit.

Customizable Startpage: BookMonk & Kinstant


As you can see in the screenshot, BookMonk allows you to create a simple startpage for your Kindle web browser from either your computer or on the Kindle itself. If you're comfortable with the default links, you can navigate to the site from your Kindle and click on a Start Page link, which will prompt you to save the resulting text file with the links in a Start Page folder in your Kindle. Otherwise, use your computer to modify the links.


Kinstant is another start page website that you don't actually have to save to your Kindle. You simply navigate to it on your Kindle's browser and click on the links to a dozen or so Kindle-formatted blogs. You can also add the URLs of your favorite blogs, which will be automatically loaded next time you visit the site.

Want To Be Alerted When Your Favorite Title Becomes Digitized? Check Out Mysteria

kindle web sites

Instead of constantly checking to see if your favorite book, movie or music item is available in digital form, give Mysteria a try. All you have to do is go through a simple signup, create a public wishlist on Amazon and that's it!

If you know of additional noteworthy Kindle web sites, please let us know in the comments!

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