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Take pills regularly? Have an iPhone! Get RxmindMe!

RxmindMe: An App That Reminds You When To Take Your Pills [iPhone]


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If you take a lot of pills, chances are you often forget taking them on time. RxmindMe is a great iPhone app that can help you by sending a reminder when it is time to take your pills. You can set 9 different types of reminders including daily, hourly, weekly, specific dates, specific hours and more.

As you click on the 'Taken' button, your prescription quantity will automatically be updated so you can view at anytime how many pills you have left. You can view historical records of your prescriptions, take pictures of actual prescriptions, email prescription history or simply export it as a data file. You can search a huge FDA drug database to find the medication you are taking and add it to your schedule.

when to take your pills


  • Create specific reminders for taking your medicaiton.
  • Nine different types of reminders.
  • Track your prescription quantity and see historical views.
  • Email or export your prescription activity.

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