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FindHisPorn: Find Out If Your Significant Other Is Looking At Porn


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Are you curious about whether or not your significant other is using their computer browse porn? Well you should probably give them some privacy, but if that isn't an option and you really need to know if he or she is browsing adult material, than Find His Porn might be the service for you. With Find His Porn, you pay a one time fee of 20 dollars, and they will scan through your computer for any instances of porn.


In addition to checking the hard drive, it will also scan the history file for any known pornographic websites. It makes it difficult to hide your web browsing practices (incognito browsing might gain a new importance).

The one time fee of $20 is per report, so make sure to print or take a screenshot of your results because they do not keep the results on their servers. Once they are gone, they are gone. The program uses Java, so you don't need to download anything to use it.


  • Scans hard drive for any adult material.
  • Checks history folder for porn websites.
  • One time use for $20.
  • No download required, just a javascript.

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