Thursday, December 15, 2011

Read this comic about SOPA now!


Congress is boring.  The Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on SOPA as we write.  (You can watch it over here if that sort of thing gets you going.)

But if you'd rather have a smile on your face this afternoon, check out these new comics by the creator of Get Your War On -- and make a phone call to Congress. 

David Rees walks us through the tragic-comedy that would come to pass if Hollywood and the big media conglomerates succeed at taking over the Internet.  Check it out:

There's a good chance this committee hearing will run through tomorrow -- and some members have made it clear that they're still on the fence about SOPA.

You don't need to watch the hearing, but if you don't want the rest of life to be as boring as Congressional debates can be, you'd better check out our comics, make a call, and save the Internet.

Keep 'em coming.

-Demand Progress

PS. And please ask your friends to check them out and make a call too:


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