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INFOGRAPHIC : A Day On The Internet

This is a very cool and informative infographic!


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via MakeUseOf by Mark O'Neill on 3/6/12

I absolutely love my job as managing editor of MakeUseOf.com but many people, family included, look upon what I do with a lot of bemusement, a kind of "is he STILL deluded into thinking that's a JOB?  When is he going to act responsibly and get a REAL job?".  But the infographic below is a classic example of why I love my job and why the Internet is the best place to be working – because it's where everything is happening baby!

The first stat alone says it all – all the online information we consume on a daily basis can fill up 168 million DVD's (suddenly all those crappy AOL disks that kept on appearing a decade ago don't seem so bad!).  We send out hundreds of billions of emails, write millions of blog posts and much more.  Suddenly working in Burger King, flipping burgers and cleaning toilets doesn't seem to be all that appealing, does it?  Come home, go online, start your own blog and update your Facebook status instead.

What do you do on a daily basis on the Internet?  Do you live in Facebook?  Or are you camped out more in your email inbox?  Or maybe you're a budding blogger?  Give us a breakdown of your Internet day.

A Day in the Internet

Infographic Source: MBA Online
Image Source: Wheresmysocks


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