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The Best Websites for Finding, Downloading, Borrowing, and Renting Books


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So, you've got yourself an eBook reader, smartphone, tablet, or other portable device and you want to put some eBooks on it to take with you. There are many options for obtaining free eBooks as well as purchasing, borrowing, or even renting eBooks.

We've listed some sites that allow you to download free eBooks directly or be notified when eBooks are available for free or for a discounted price on popular eBook sites. If you can't find the eBooks you want on the free sites, there are several sites that allow you to purchase current, best-selling  eBooks singly or through a monthly service. There are even special sites for lending and borrowing Kindle and Nook books with other readers across the U.S. We've also listed a couple of sites dedicated to searching for PDF eBooks, documents, etc.

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