Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Soluto’s New Quick Question Button Makes Family Tech Support Simple


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via How-To Geek by Jason Fitzpatrick on 8/29/12

Soluto, a computer and boot management tool, now features a Quick Question button that allows the people you help out to easily click a button and send you both a short message and a screenshot of the problem.

Any time your friend or family member presses F8, Soluto will take a screenshot of the screen, the Task Manager history, and a note from the user highlighting what issue they're experiencing, and then email it all to you. After reviewing the email you can easily login to Soluto to remotely manage your friend's computer and help with the problem.

For more information about Soluto you can check out our previous reviews of the service here and here, or just hit up the link below to read more and take Soluto for a test drive. Soluto is a free service (for the first 5 computers), Windows only.

Introducing Quick Question [The Soluto Blog]

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