Saturday, September 29, 2012

Another ten unique, free utilities to SUPERCHARGE your right-click menu


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We recently publishing an article entitled "Supercharge your right-click menu with these ten UNIQUE utilities". If you enjoyed that one then we have good news: this article is the sequel, featuring another interesting tools that we hope you will like.

Like the first article, what we are trying to do here is present interesting and unique free tools that in many cases are not the same old thing that we've seen many times before, or tools that are generally not well know but quite useful. The selection this time around is perhaps generally more interesting than last time: Rightload, Append Date, Free Image Resizer, Link Shell Extension, Ridnacs, TinEye Client, FileAlyzer, ChangeExt, RightDelete3, and Right Click Explorer Restart.

Right-Click-functions-illustration-part2 (more…)

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