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4 Fantastic Mouthwatering Websites That Will Motivate You Into Starting Baking


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baking websitesEvery once in a while, it's good to see how the Internet can help us in our practical life. Sure, technology and gadgets are fun, but how can those technology and gadgets help us update activities that don't normally require such items? For instance, consider cooking. As a matter of fact, let's narrow it down – baking. Baking typically is a totally offline activity, but I've found a few websites that can help you in the kitchen.

Below are four baking websites that offer several recipes, cooking tips, and more for those of you who absolutely love baking. As someone who is a terrible cook, I can't exactly say I've tried the recipes out myself. However, as someone who loves to eat baked food, I can definitely say that the majority of these items sound great. So grab your flour, rolling pin, and vanilla extract (and everything else that has to do with baking). It's time to get started.


baking websites

Bakerella is the first baking website on our list, and it has quite the selection of delicious treats and baked goods. The website has a little bit of something for every occasion whether it be breakfast, parties, or dessert. It's a visually-appealing site with equally visually-appealing delights, and the website's detailed imagery will definitely leave you hungry.

Fortunately, the recipes on the site should help satiate your hunger, so don't think those pictures are simply there to tease you. With items like Chocolate-covered Cheesecake Bars and Red Velvet Cake Balls, you'll be looking for any school fundraiser you can possibly help out just to get rid of all the baked goods in your kitchen.

Bake Or Break

baking blogs and websites

Bake Or Break is the blog of a woman from the Southern United States now living in New York City, and after her arrival to the Northeast, she decided to bring the taste of the American South to the rest of the world. Her blog was originally devoted to the recipes of others, but it is now home to her own creations. Here, you'll mainly find original concoctions, and judging by the photographs on the site, they look amazing.

As a blog, you'll get more of a personal feel with this website, and when it comes to baked food, I think that's a good thing.

Cake Wrecks

baking blogs and websites

For those of you are wondering how not to bake, Cake Wrecks is the website to go to. The website displays photos of cakes by professional bakeries that can only be described in one word: disaster. That said, if you have discovered that baking is not your talent, this is a great site to make yourself feel better!

Regardless of whether your are a baking fanatic or not, this is a great site to go to if you're wanting a few laughs. Imagining the faces of the recipients of these cakes makes it all worth it…


baking websites

BakeSpace (which happens to have a very similar name to an older, not-so-visited social network) is a website that focuses on sharing recipes between baking enthusiasts. The website – part forum and part collaborative blog – pulls recipes from its users and its staff and posts them publicly for people to see.

It's a great website for getting new ideas for your kitchen experiments, and I believe I'll find myself browsing it often. Granted, I'm of no use in the kitchen, so I suppose I will have to sweet-talk my girlfriend just a little.


That's all of the baked goods we have for you today, MakeUseOf. Hopefully, you'll find a few recipes to try out on your own!

What other websites do you use for cooking ideas? Do you have any pictures of your own baked goods?

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