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5 Hilariously Funny Webcam Pranks Found Online


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funny pranksAs someone who frequents YouTube, I have to say that I love pranks. I think that they are some of the best things in the world! Without pranks, life would be incredibly dull, and I'm someone that likes to live life with a little spice. Granted, my spices can be a little old and nasty tasting. (I really need to get some new spices, I guess.)

With that said, I've opted to bring you some of the funniest webcam pranks I've found online. Each one features innocent victims from both Omegle and ChatRoulette, and they are all pretty hilarious. I encourage you to watch them, and hopefully, they will inspire your own webcam-based pranks in the future.

Dropping The Bass (Kind Of)

It's been around, but one of the best ChatRoulette pranks I have ever seen is that of a looping video featuring Skrillex. In fact, I've seen screencaps posted on social sharing sites with the captions like (in good faith), "Dude! I totally just chatted with Skrillex on webcam!" It's a shame, really. Anyway, the reactions of these unfortunate victims are priceless, and I recommend watching the entire thing until the end.

I Just Met You, And This Is Crazy (NSFW…ish)

First off, this only NSFW because it appears to be NSFW. Does that make sense? From afar, it may appear you are watching videos of women dancing in bikinis of various colors. However, in all truth, it's just YouTuber Steve Kardynal having some fun. The fellow hopped on ChatRoulette and lip-synced to Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe"… in many bikinis. You know, I thought it was funny, but I'm just wondering how many bikinis one man can own.

Laughing Grandma Brings Some Joy

I don't know why this video exists, and personally, I just don't care. In this webcam related prank, the perpetrator has utilized a looping video of an elderly woman laughing, and… that's all she does. Really, there's nothing else, and I wish that I could tell you there was more. However, what's interesting about this video is that it seems to bring joy to various chat partners, and if I'm right, it will do the same for you.

Demon Eyed Horror

As someone who enjoys creepy things but gets creeped out easily at the same time, I had to share this video. Our prankster posted a looped video of herself acting normal and proper (which is actually pretty unexpected on these kinds of sites…), but there's a catch. She inserted an animation of herself rushing towards the screen with all kinds of horrific eye-blackening special effects. Go ahead and watch it, and although you may not find it too scary, just think how bad it would be if it was unexpected.

Chattin' With The Biebs

This funny prank is an oldie but a goodie, and I thought it was still relevant enough to share. Back in the day, a video of Justin Bieber on webcam was acquired (yes, back with the swoop haircut), and it was turned into a loop that was used for webcam chat sites. Here's a video that brings you some hilarious actions of chat partners (many of them being teen girls), and it's worth the watch. In a way, it's even kind of sweet.


Well, my friends, this wraps up most of the best webcam pranks found online. Granted, even I found a few others that didn't quite make the cut, and I'm sure you know of a few, too.

What other funny webcam pranks do you know about? Have you ever pulled similar webcam pranks on your own?

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