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How To Access Netflix On Almost Every Platform Known To Man


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can you access netflix from any computerI don't like horror movies. Classic horror I can cope with; I enjoy Alfred Hitchcock's psychological horror, for instance, but I'm not a fan of scares and gore, as a rule. My wife, on the other hand watches such films with considerable regularity, often on Netflix.

Now, Netflix has this really cool feature. Ideal for, say, viewing on your games console over breakfast and continuing on your smartphone on the train. It allows you to continue watching the same show or movie on a second device after starting on the first.

If this is news to you, then you can no doubt already imagine how useful this is. However, if your partner or housemate is regularly watching horror movies and you decide to tune into some light classic comedy instead, you might be as disturbed as I am to find gruesome DVD box covers staring out at you each time you open a Netflix app. It's like I'm being stalked. Netflix is everywhere, and it's after me!

What You Need To Know About Netflix

While Netflix won't actually autoplay your previously-viewed show or movie, it will carry on from the position you left it at once the title is selected again. It's that good.

With the free one month trial and ridiculously low monthly subscription cost to access the 35,000 titles on offer, Netflix could quite easily become your favourite new channel. If you're already using it, you'll be aware of how easy it is to enjoy DVD marathons or simply find better programming that what's on offer from the networks.

My preferred way of enjoying Netflix is to crank up some classic TV and watch it through the family big screen TV. However, it turns out that this method (achieved thanks to a Nintendo Wii console) is just one of many. Basically, Netflix IS everywhere!

Netflix On Consoles

If you're a fan of watching movies on your console, Netflix is available for Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

can you access netflix from any computer

Nintendo Wii

You'll need your console to be connected to the Internet and updated to the latest firmware update. Netflix is available in the Wii store, and once you have signed in you'll be able to access your library.

Xbox 360

In order to enjoy Netflix on your Xbox 360 you will need gold membership to Xbox Live. Once you have signed in, open the Video Marketplace and select Netflix, following any displayed instructions.

PlayStation 3

PS3 users will need to have their devices connected to the web so that they can access the PSN store. From here, the Netflix app should be available to install. Once signed in, it's time to watch movies!

Consoles are great for home theatres, but of course there are alternatives.

Watching Netflix On Your Home Theatre Or Smart TV

If you're running a home theatre application for your HTPC, you should find that there is a Netflix app that can be used.

Windows Media Centre

To install Netflix on a WMC setup, open Tasks > Settings > General > Automatic Download Options, and select Download Now if an update is available. Once the update is installed, return to Windows Media Center and select the Netflix icon listed under Movies.


XBMC users can use the XBMCFlicks plugin, but note that this is only compatible with Windows and Mac OS X systems – Netflix doesn't run under Linux. In XBMC, you'll find XBMCFlicks under Add-ons > Add-ons> Video Add-ons.

Meanwhile, an increasing number of manufacturers are releasing TV sets with app support. This basically means that some Internet-ready flat screen TVs will run software that you can access via a remote control. Samsung are one of the biggest names doing this, and Netflix provide an app for the SmartTV range. This is easy to install via the SmartTV hub, although you will need to upgrade your set's firmware for the app to work.

LG, meanwhile, has the Netcast system for its smart TVs, and this includes Netflix. Panasonic and Sony have similar arrangements.

Netflix On Your Smartphone & Tablet

Android, Windows Phone and iOS devices are all capable of hosting your Netflix account thanks to dedicated official support from the service.

Android users will find the Netflix app via the Google Play Store.

can i access netflix from any computer

Windows Phone owners can install Netflix via the Marketplace; Windows 8 tablet users can install Netflix through the Windows 8 Store.

Finally, iOS users on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch will find their own Netflix app listed in iTunes.

Netflix On Your Computer

Meanwhile, (Linux aside) desktop operating systems such as Mac OS X and Windows 7 (and earlier) will find that they can access Netflix very easily indeed – through the browser!

can you access netflix from any computer

Opening will enable you to login to your account and select from any of the available titles. You'll also have full control over your account (something that isn't possible across all versions) and you may even find that search and title browsing is just that much quicker.

The desktop version is easily the most powerful, and should never be overlooked.

Netflix Is Everywhere!

There really is nowhere to hide. Netflix has your name, it has your address and it can find its way into your life through virtually every digital platform currently is use.

Given the size of the library and the service's ubiquity across consoles, smartphones and tablets, home theatre systems and desktop computers, it really is time to give up, sign up to Netflix, take advantage of the one month free trial pass and enjoy what's on offer.

With the added bonus of bookmarking enabling you to easily pick up the same movie or TV show you were watching on a different device, you shouldn't even be trying to hide.

Embrace Netflix!

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