Monday, December 24, 2012

1DollarScan Digitizes Your Old Books and Magazines for You


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via How-To Geek by Jason Fitzpatrick on 12/24/12

It's frustrating when publishers don't offer digital versions of their books; 1DollarScans makes it easy to digitize books, magazines, and manuals for use on digital devices.

The service isn't free, but it's quite economical when compared to the hassle and labor of doing a high-quality book scan of a 300+ page on your own. The service charge for scanning starts at $1 per 100 pages and rises from there with additional add-ons like OCR-scanning (an extra $1 per 100 pages). James Kelly over at Wired Magazine took the service for a pretty thorough test drive; if you're curious how the quality of 1DollarScan shakes out and what the process involves, we'd suggest checking out his review of the service here.

1DollarScan [via Wired]

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