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INFOGRAPHIC: WordPress Most Popular Plugins


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We have featured a tremendous amount of WordPress articles on MakeUseOf and for good reason – setting up and maintaining a WordPress blog is rather easy, including those who think they don't know much about websites and how to build one. Installing a theme, widgets and plugins are as simple as searching for them in the built-in search engine and clicking the install button.

Of course knowing a bit more about WordPress will enable you to delve into the code and produce an even better site but at its most basic level, WordPress really is just point and click. Once you have everything set up, just decide what functions you need your blog to accomplish and then search the plugin directory to see what's available (or check out our Best WordPress Plugins page for ideas). There's even a plugin for keeping the WordPress version updated (very important).

Our infographic today, courtesy of WP, is all about the 30 most popular WordPress plugins, as determined by their total number of downloads.  Hopefully, if you are planning to set up a WordPress site for the first time, this infographic will give you some ideas and inspiration for which plugins to consider using.  Let us know in the comments if any of these plugins are your favourites or if you prefer another instead.

WordPress Most Popular Plugins

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