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Delentis: Get Instructions On How To Delete Your Account On Popular Websites


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Are you trying to figure out how to delete your Facebook account? Or perhaps you no longer use your Yahoo account and want to deactivate? Whichever website it is that you want to remove your account from, you will find Delentis to be immensely helpful.

how to delete your account on popular websites

Delentis is a free to use web service that helps you delete accounts from numerous web services. Currently the website includes account removal guides for more than 800 websites – a number that is increasing. All you have to do is get started is type in the name of the website from which you want the account removal information for. You do not need to create any new account on the Delentis website to get started with using its features.

After your website is found, its account removal information is quickly displayed. The summary section covers the main information you need to know in order to remove the account. This information includes which third party applications will be affected from the deactivation of your account, the Internet skill levels required to remove the account, the last date of the mentioned method being successfully tested, and tips before you go ahead and remove your account.


The summary is then followed by a step by step guide that helps you through the entire process, one step at a time. From the screenshots, you can see how Twitter's account removal process was found out.


Check out Delentis @ en.delentis.com

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