Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to Backup Your Social Media Accounts-Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Instagram


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How much of your life is recorded online? Spend a moment considering this and it's likely to be a terrifying idea. You may not consider yourself the type of person to keep a journal, or even a blog, but over the years you have probably posted thousands of words on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Add to this the images you may have posted and this is data you may well want to record. Could you bear to lose all of this? We'll show you how to backup all of this data so you can keep it for posterity.

The chances of Facebook, Twitter or Google losing all of your data are fairly slim, but by opting to download it you not only make all of your status updates, images and more available offline, you also make it far easier to work with and can make use of it in different ways.

There are slightly different methods and techniques used by each social network, but you can request and download all of your data free of charge. Here's how to go about it.


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